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Dale Lockhart

Online shopping is on the rise. It is extremely popular during the holiday season. With the holidays fast approaching, I thought it would be great to share ways to pay for your online purchases without using your personal bank cards and credit cards. Many brick and mortar stores are going out of business, which means online shopping is increasing more and more each day. Everyone and their mama's are opening up online fashion boutiques, including moi. However, many shoppers are hesitant about ordering from small online boutiques because of the fear of credit card fraud. Today I'm going to give you some options that will help put your mind at ease and will hopefully make your experience a pleasant one. Keep in mind, nothing is 100%.  One great way to pay online is with good ole PayPal. 

PayPay is one of the leading ways you can shop online and feel somewhat at ease. Many people love PayPal (including myself) because you can shop online and not have to worry much about your account being hacked.   PayPal is not only secure but they offer customers who qualify PayPal credit, it's where you can buy now and pay later. I have a PayPal credit account and I absolutely love it.  If the stores I shop at offers PayPal as a form of payment, it's what I use. The downside is some small online businesses choose not to use Paypal. Then there's the Cash App. 

The Cash App is on the rise and it is similar to PayPal except you have to have the Cash card for online purchases.  If you have a Cash account, simply request a Cash card and whenever you want to shop online, just load money onto your card and use it instead of personal credit or debit cards.  The Cash Card can be used like a debit card and is accepted wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted. It is a cute little black card with your signature on the front of the card.  It is what I use for my online purchases outside of PayPal. It's a great alternative to your personal credit or debit cards. Finally there's the GE Money card. 

The GE Money card is issued at your participating Wal-Mart locations. You can deposit money onto to the card at your local Wal-Mart or you can have it directly deposited through your payroll deductions. Like the Cash card, the GE Money card is accepted wherever Visa and MasterCard is accepted. This is another alternative to using your personal credit and debit card. Now keep in mind that some exclusions may apply, so it is best to read any fine print or contact the Help center of the cards for questions or concerns.  These are just some alternatives that myself, friends and family use when online shopping and so far it has worked out great for us.  It is my hope that this blog post will help you with your online shopping experience as well.  

Peace, Blessings and Happy Safe Shopping. 

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